Saturday, March 26, 2011

Patience Is a Virtue

I thought i was a very patient person. I'm quiet proud of it. I have checked it off from the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit and can hold my head up and say, "I only have 11 more fruits to work on in my life".

I am so so wrong :(. Waiting is likely to drain you out. Sucking all the of your energy.

But - - -  all is not lost. "Patience is a Virtue" would not have been so popular without its merits to those who mastered it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

My mother loves The Carpenters. She used to sing to me, in a very neutral voice, songs like Top of the World, You, Rainy days on Mondays, etc. Maybe this is the reason why I have grown to love old classic and country songs.

Today is Monday. Today is raining. I love Karen Carpenters and her song, I even agree with some of her philosophy and mentality, but I just love rainy days and i love Mondays... I love the rainy seasons - the cool weather, the sober mood, the raindrops, the clean air after every rain, the smell of dust when the rain hits it the first time - its like a rejuvenation (a little bit over rated i know). I also love Mondays! the rest of the world starts their week working but I start it resting :D - every Monday i can sleep in (no alarms!), i can eat breakfast (i know that for a Filipino eating cereal in milk isn't entirely one), i can watch movies after movies, i can read or just enter my imaginary world. 

BUT, this Monday, this Rainy Monday, im not doing any of that. I'm braving the rain and mud (i am wearing slippers..ugh) to get to work. I have been working and working. It really feels good to reach your goal or catch up with the deadlines.... though i am wishing i could snuggle up with a cup of cafe mocha in my hands and watching Grey's Anatomy or something. 

I do have a minor problem, a temporary set back. I dont want to accept it but i was (alright, Am) very irritated and annoyed when some of the files that we need to submit to the main office cannot be found. We did everything to find it.. almost turned the whole blasted building up and down but still couldnt find it. We did have to send 98% of the rest so we won't be getting a zero score but still it's very frustrating. I was already threatening the whole staff that i would not allow them to have their salaries if that file were not found. Gosh, i tell you, i really have very un healthy thoughts. I wanted to be angry at someone though i know it is not sane. I am sure that if my team knows where it is they would be very happy to provide it. I am just now comforting myself that maybe i have to learn lessons in patience and extreme organization and coordination the next time.

Thank God for today! Even if it isn't a totally perfect day i still have my moments... my Boss said something nice... anything nice from him kind of give me a semblance of peace.. like everything is going to be alright... that is something.... definitely a BIG thing :D