Sunday, February 16, 2014

instagram photos for january 2014

sharing these photos of my january. and fyi, january 5 is my birthday. God has been really good. through a lot of issues and struggles He has been faithful. 
january has come and gone and a lot of prayers has been answered. there are still some major ones that are lining up but whatever His answer to those heart-felt requests i know he has his purpose. i have been constantly reminded of this by the person i love that God's ways are not ours and that we just have to trust him.
i do trust him. i am learning to trust more. like the lady in the bible with a sick son that said to Jesus, "i have faith, help me to believe more"!

so here goes some of my january ig (@bossy11) moments. 

1. local salad from bee farm in bohol (i did not eat all of that cause i was thinking that those purple and yellow flower grows in my backyard and for 30 something years i never thought they were edible!) 2. selfie, bro-in-law took me and sister to a wonderful dinner 3. sister  4. alona beach in panglao  

5. some randome fire dancers by the beach one night 6. birthday dinner with two sister and bro-in-law 7. teaching korean guests our native tinikling dance 8. late birthday dinner with my d-group ladies (so blessed to have them in my life!

9. up on a railing in singli mountain resort in cebu 10. selfie, post manny paquaio dinner 11. journaling in bo's coffee, while waiting for my meeting buddies to arrive 12. ate lanie and bachochay

13. margie and i (yin and yang. lol) 14. my lovely cutie pie niece (fruit/watermelon ninja @ 5 mos.) 15. a tbt photo. dinner with two sis where i ordered wayyyyyy much more than i usually have! 16. braided hair by emelyn dearie!

first red lips selfie! haha

another throwback photo. this was during my sister's wedding.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

flappy bird, grrrr.

please don't tell me I am not the only one affected by a flappy bird. say, you're with me please.  i wanna know if i am still normal. 

i have installed and uninstalled this app for more than once. 

all i can say is that, if you wanna learn to be patient, this can be your therapy (just beware. bwahaha). if you have anger management issues though, stay away

wanna know my highest score? (i bet you were silently saying, no! lol) well, im telling you anyway, it's 7. believe me you'll have felt a lot of emotion before you get to that score. haha. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

silaob 2014

it is always a challenge to design a program or event that will be celebrated every year. but the youth leaders of mactan cathedral of faith kick started this event called SILAOB. the words means AFLAME. it was and will be a Feast of sorts. the idea was that during the Old Testament times (biblical times) the israelites has always celebrated  important moments by having feast. so they reason, why don't we do that. God is faithful - it is a HUGE reason  for celebration. thus, SILAOB.

it is a celebration of the young people's passion for Jesus Christ! a jubilatio of His goodness and faithfulness! an expression of the mcof youth's desire to reach out and spread His love in all of their community and prayerfully, beyond that. 

here are some photos courtesy of adams pepito

concept by: richard, photo courtesy of dianne

worship time

margie & bachochay. notice the "anapog-filled" background, it will be flattened & paved soon
izhar did what izhar do best: amaze people!

cindy's first time to challenge her youth members to not be shy to testify about their faith

future pastor?

braving the crowd. overcoming shyness for the Lord!

waka-waka eh eh? 


sweet & renee 



AJ shares God's Word

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clean up time!
1 Timothy 4:12
12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.