Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christian Pick-up Lines

  1. Hey.... nice bible!!
  2. I would like to pray with you
  3. You know Jesus?! Me too!!
  4. God laid it heavy on my heart to talk to you
  5. I know a church where we cold go and talk...
  6. How about a hug.. Sister?
  7. Do you need help carrying your bible?... It looks heavy
  8. C'mon Christians don't shake hands. Christians gotta hug!
  9. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  10. What are your plans tonight? Feel like a bible study?
  11. The scriptures say "give to those who are thirsty and feed the hungry" How about dinner?
  12. Oh. You don't have an accountability partner? Me neither.
  13. I was wondering whether you wanted to come over and watch the ten commandments tonight?
  14. Is it a sin that you stole my heart?
  15. Would you happen to know a Christian woman that I could love with all my heart and wait on hand and foot (?)
  16. Hey nice bracelet. What yould Jesus date? Oops, I mean "do"
  17. I was wondering, have you ever tried praying at a drive in move before?
  18. Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belong to me.
  19. You know they say that you have never really dated until you have dated a Christian....

stole this from: J-Dimension

    i stole this from: J-Dimension

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    u are my personal sun :D

    i couldn't remember when i first fall inlove with sunflowers... all i know is that everytime i see them
    it expresses weird happiness; freedom, summer (not that i like summer - i know a lot of people will protest.. i prefer rainy season). the thing about summer is that everything seems bright and gay... like everything is possible... well maybe that's a bit over rated but that is what sunflower evokes in me... the positive, the hope...

    * all photos are from: we<

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    give in to me

    pls pls pls.... give into me...
    today i am changing the name of my blog from Experience Life! Love Life.... into Life as I Know It.

    the reason : it the new name sounds closer to what i mean when i first decided to blog the things that i  want to... so...

    .... for no special reason i am changing its name and now it is officially "Life as I Know It"

    it means exactly that - writing about things in MY life as I KNOW it - in my perspective, in my looking glass, through my experiences, and my biases (unless i otherwise indicate it).

    a recent picture of me taken from Imperial Palace in Lapu-Lapu City, Phil. this was a fun night with our friends from Australia, linda and khardene. we were able to sneaked into the resort using the white faces of our friends - sorry ladies :D. but i am sure they had a good time fooling the guard too.

    this is life as i know it (one minute part of it) not the "fooling security guards" part but the having-fun-whenever-you-can part :D

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    - not like this -

    our future is not  bleak like this...
    ... but brighter than this :D

       when something begins you generally have no idea how it will end. the 2 years stay on a work place becomes 5 years... the status you thought you would change in 3 years remains the same :D; the people you thought will just be passing becomes the friends you lean on... the relationships you thought would last a lifetime has ended way shorter than you could ever imagine leaving you weary and guarded and the person you have never ever thought to love becomes soo central in your life that it scares the sugar out of you.
       planning for the future.. trying to predict the if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow... but the future is always changing; the future is the whole of our deepest fears... and our wildest hopes
    but one thing is certain when it finally reveals itself.. the future is never the way we imagine it (sometimes)

       there are some of us that spends lot of time focus on the future..planning it working toward it. but at some point you realize that your life is happening now! not after school, after work or after your wedding day but right now .......... this is it, its here.. and often times, if you're not careful, you miss it.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    tiny tots

    interesting faces of tiny tots, while their mothers were sewing bags and teddys... these mothers does not have anybody else to babysit their little ones for them so they brought them to the center (Compassion Center). a beautiful woman of kind heart and great patience, Linda, taught them to sew, stitch (whatever else it's called and to use the high-speed machine. it is absolutely amazing to see how they are doing now... from being scared of the sound of an electric machine to now expertly using it to do cutie little bags. they have learned a very useful income-generating skill so they will be able to help their husbands and raise money for everything that they would need for their family, food especially though.

    presenting their tots:

    the tongue-y girl
    proof #1

    the wide eyed fellow :D (he is amazed all the
    the melancholic dude

    the messy girl
    the snub
    proof (for wide eyed fellow)
    the neutral (click, click, click - she looks at me and then nothing - no reaction goes back to nibbling her toy, duh?)

    the diva (she likes to climb up this mini ladder)

    the sleepy head # 1 (no matter how chaotic and noisy - zzzzzzzzzzzz)

    the sleepy head # 2

    the watchful (look at those eyes!)

    the shy (he wouldn't continue his bottle feeding if somebody is watching him)
    the sleepy head # 3 (cute isnt he?)
    the cry-baby (he knows if his mother is not around)

    the "pessimistic" (like somebody is about to take away his toys anytime)

    the cutie :D

    the funny man! (just a little twist on ur face and his face lits up in a wide smile

    the cheeky one (she baby sits the babys)
    i wonder whose hands is it touching the cheeky one's shoulder...hmmm.. like... hey, you! that's my camera shot!
    the eater (cute he crawls around and picks up anything and puts it in his mouth)

    the nerd (don't mess with me i'm reading)

               who do u cast your vote to? part two would be the busy moms
    couldn't get enough of the tongue-y girl

    see what i mean? lol.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    *depraved childhood*

    my sis dear indulging her inner child longing :D... i am pretty sure that i will have a bruise somewhere in my body is she finds out i post this one online. thank goodness she's not fond of reading my blogs. lol.

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Faith vs. Reason

    On Hebrews 11...

    The true picture of faith in this chapter is an eye opener. faith isn't some magical force that enables the person who muster it to live a stress free and contented lifestyle - to get rich, live longer and be famous.

    In this chapter, I am force to see that it is impossible to please God (truly) if I don't have faith and it is also not a preclude to a lavish lifestyle. There are a lot of men and women here that were mentioned who were of great faith who have persevered and endured - they suffered - they were flogged, they were destitute, they were imprisoned, they were mocked.

    "They went about in goatskins and sheepskins, destitute, mistreated - the world was not worthy of them."

    If you think you'll acquire wealth if you just have the "right amount of faith" - you are in for a serious need of awakening.

    "These people were still living in faith when they died; they did not recieve the things promised; they only saw them and welcome them from a dsitance.

    Those who have faith have turned their weaknesses into strenghts... "there God is not ashamed to be called their God..."

    Will God be proud to be called your God?

    It is not a usual race we are in - athletes punish their bodies in a grueling marathon race because there are two percievable reasons that's on their mind : 1. personal rewards and 2. great physical benefits. applied into spiritual realms the same can be claimed - prizes (even surpasses the previous struggles) and "the very process of living by faith builds strong character. No one is a loser in this race ... you get a reward even if you finish last --- just finish the race!

    Real faith transcends reason : It is being sure of what we hope for and certain of things that we do not see. It is beyond our finite human intelligence can comprehend. It is just as well because having faith requires that we do not trust our own self and our capacity to make things happen... it forces us to acknowledge, albeit reluctantly for most of us humans, that there IS indeed a higher power and that THIS higher power cares and loves us deeply beyond what our restricted human brains can know.

    In a facile way we dismiss the idea of SOMEONE greater, we thought we "I exist, therefore I am" - how arrogant! We should know better than that.

    As I'm writing this I, too, am learning and relearning how to trust MY God. It's a process that is kinda slow for me because even if I know I don't have anything and can do nothing, I am still stubborn. So, my prayer is like that of a woman who has a sick son in the New Testament that said is desperation, "I have faith, please help me to increase my faith!"

    May we be able to pray the same thing and with similar passion. :D

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011


    my sis Maria and my friend Jen's niece trying to kiss.... only, Angel seems to find it yucky, gross and unusual to kiss back my sis using her moving tongue. lol

    even the little one's

    AJ teaching eboy a Bible story and telling him what it means to them kids presently :D
    discipleship is not  just for the young people, young professionals, adults, old persons. i used to think that, yes kids can minister but only in praying for the snacks during sunday school, or pick up the thrash, or write letters of thank you's to other people, but not really do discipleship. how wrong can i get? when God said he will use anyone - he did mean anyone. and i've seen proof of that.

    it struck me that what the kids are being taught of they really emulate and that they can be trained and discipled... a 10 year old capable of sharing the gospel to her peers... Discipleship is amazing and it is not only at a certain age. a child can and is capable of bringing souls for the glory of God. we (with we i meant the MCOF church) already have 3 D-groups for kids from 7-13 years old with at least 10 members each....

    isn't God fantastic?

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Go, live your dream

    This is me stretching my limits, testing possibility. This is what is in my heart when I care to dream….

    I dream
    I will travel the world, by foot, by train, by plane. I  go wherever and whenever I want.
    I will live free of distraction, in a romantic and spectacular part of the world—reading, meditating, and exploring myself in quiet repose for months.
    I will be an expert. An expert at something. People will come to me for advice.
    I will own a house on a lake (similar to the house of Jason Statham in the movie The Mechanic) The breeze on my face will wash away all my worries.  My family will play, be happy and be together.
    I will learn to dance. In the early century's all lady's were dancing it's an expressive way to express yourself and celebrate (I'm also thankful that i live in the 20th century where I'm not required to learn ballet or salsa or mambo?)

     I will write. Things and topics with sense and meat. I will be able to express myself thouroughly in words.
    I will learn how to drive. I will buy an SUV and drive. Explore the part of the country I'm in and beyond.

    I will learn to swim and dive. See the "whole different world down there".

    I will  teach.... about theology, homiletics... I will be an expert in this.
    I will inspire. I want my words to be beautiful and important to others.
    I will find peace with myself, and know, really know deep inside that I am good enough... and at the same time know that this goodness does not well up from "ME" but that it comes from MY super duper good GOD.
    I will help others find God... and find contentment and purpose in the process... I have wisdom and experience to offer, and I will find the courage to share it in meaningful ways.
    I will let everyone of my loves know that I LOVE THEM. Time is so short to keep people that are important to me guessing how valuable they are in my life.

    Most importantly, I dream that I be able to trust God MORE - in every meaning of the word.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    I need you now

    Picture perfect memories
    Scattered all around the floor
    Reaching for the phone 'cause
    I can't fight it anymore

    And I wonder if I

    Ever cross your mind
    For me it happens all the time

    It's a quarter after one

    I'm all alone
    And I need you now
    Said I wouldn't call
    But I've lost all control
    And I need you now

    And I don't know how

    I can do without
    I just need you now

    Another shot of whiskey

    Can't stop looking at the door
    Wishing you'd come sweeping
    In the way you did before

    And I wonder if I

    Ever cross your mind
    For me it happens all the time

    It's a quarter after one

    I'm a little drunk
    And I need you now
    Said I wouldn't call
    But I've lost all control
    And I need you now

    And I don't know how

    I can do without
    I just need you now

    Whoa, whoa

    Guess I'd rather hurt
    Than feel nothing at all

    It's a quarter after one

    I'm all alone
    And I need you now
    And I said I wouldn't call
    But I'm a little drunk
    And I need you now

    And I don't know how

    I can do without
    I just need you now
    I just need you now

    Oh baby, I need you now

    I know, I know this sounds pathetic...