Wednesday, May 30, 2012

siquijor trip 1

would like to share the photos i took with my ancient palm treo VGA camera during the trip with church staff for our annual staff retreat in siquijor :)
port dumaguete city

titanic? lol

sitting in front of this ferry's engine. temporary deafness after arrival in siquijor :(

cabin view. moments after arrival

dusk beach view

main hotel in salagdoong resort
one of the slide on the right side if your facing the beach

slide on the left when your facing the beach

me jump? not on everybody's life. haha

michelle and rick, pretending they are derek ramsey and angelica panganiban

top right cabin view. gorgeous right?
one of the oldest churches in the island

right side of the church

linda inside :)

cambugahay falls

entrance of the resort

when passing this one km of canopied road you wouldn't think it leads to a beach. when i passed under this trees i was thinking of fairy like places :)

i swear its much nicer at the side and the hidden part. lol

Monday, May 21, 2012

super moon

super moon!!! during my cousins wedding!!! i don't know if mikwen predicted that her night would be timed perfectly with the super moon but i am sure that it was really really nice. it adds a dreamy like atmosphere to her day (or night). it does not matter if we were all sweating inside (it showed a little outside) in our dresses. it still was an awesome night.

here is the picture of the super moon taken by my sister. it looks far but compared to the previous moons we've seen it was way more closer. i like that there is a silhouette and outline of palm trunks on the side :). it is said that the moon orbits the earth in an ellipse rather than a circle and that the closest and the furthest approaches are called perigee and apogee. i think it deserved to be mentioned because the next super moon would be on January 1, 2257. i know. well were blessed to have seen in our lifetime. our God is amazing!

Friday, May 11, 2012


if you are in a tropical country like ours, you'd probably be in the same sweaty dilemma as the rest of us.
right now i can shout to the whole wide world or world wide web that i, NGP, is totally HOT!!! and i am feeling hot, hot, hot! - literally i'm hot... just like the rest of every other filipino (except maybe the one's residing in baguio) i am being slowly purge with every bit of liquid in my body... there really is no way to "fashionably or coolly sweat" or is there?

we're all in the same drench-y, perspire-y and quiet possibly stinky dilemma today so you can imagine the euphoric chorus of  "YES!!!" when Margie announced, "we will have free halo-halo from chowking today". another YES!!.

for dine-in

take-out... this is what we got :)

it should be fair to say that even if i was born in a tropical country and have been sweating for almost have of the reasonable existence allowed to man, i still do not like the heat. never have, never will. my reason is simple. when your cold you can pile up and layer clothes and clothes and still look okay, maybe even fashionable. but when you feel hot you cannot strip down to your underwear while walking downtown and side walks and getting to work. you can peel of your skin but it'd hurt crazy (you are crazy if you do) and it will not lessen the heat one bit.

and honestly i am not so fond of halo-halo either. no offense to those who loves it. i can eat it and enjoy but then i can also live with out it :) today's treat is enthusiastically welcomed and have quenched and helped ward off heat even for just an hour or so...

*photos courtesy of google*

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the Ruins

the Ruins. i have heard of this place only maybe two to three years ago... and every time cousins dear of mine posted photos of themselves while touring the place i get really envious. like someone very close to my heart once ask, "how could you have not seen it when you are from negros?" i have been living in cebu now for nearly seven years and the i have't heard of the rise of the Ruins as a tourist spot until three years ago. i have always wanted to go. it looks so majestic in the pictures. 
we originally plan to go around 4 in the afternoon to catch the sunset. they said the sunset is awesome in this place. and also to take advantage of the "golden hour" as they call it, for picture taking. we didn't make it to the "golden hour" though it was dusk when we got there. i was so sorry we weren't able to properly tour the place like a true tourist; you know listen to the tour guide talk about how the finish of the walls shine through because the cement was mixed with egg whites (oh, yes. i did listen for about a minute or two), etc.
pretty fountain by the entrance with (l-r) dayen, me, les and ruby

we were blessed to still be able to see the last nights beauty of the not-so-super moon on our way back to richmond inn for family dinner :), was still so beautiful actually. 
thank you very much to my very generous and wonderful cousin, che-che for the pictures. yes che... even for the blurry ones. lol

if you wanted to see what this place looks like in the sunset and also read an interesting and much more detailed and intelligent history of the ruins, click HERE.