Saturday, December 24, 2016

christmas 2016

(excerpt from the blog of david bonifacio)

"Fall in love (with Jesus).
How? That’s a good question. It’s a great question. No one can be forced to fall in love. We can neither force ourselves. We truly have to fall. (Which is why I find it so silly that people think we can process love into people. We can process the motions of loving acts but love cannot be manufactured. It has to bloom.)
Gaze at His beauty.
And what makes Him beautiful? What are His graces and excellences? Let me share the little that my small mind can conceive.
Here is a person who had His life completely at its best. Full comfort. Full satisfaction. Full fellowship. All power. All authority. Yet He offered His life for breaking, that my broken life may be offered love. He doesn’t want me standing in the alley. He wants me walking down the aisle. He doesn’t want me performing for tips. He wants me dancing with Him. He doesn’t need me to read four chapters a day. He wants to remind me of His love. He doesn’t need me to do anything for Him, how arrogant of me to even think that the Creator is hostage to me, but He does want me so badly, that He laid down His life for mine. And He loves me so much that He promised, “You may walk away from me, but I will never walk away from you.”
What a beautiful person. What a promise of Happiness.
I’m convinced I didn’t fall sooner because I was too busy looking at everyone else and at the mirror. I wasn’t looking at Him".


come christmas 2017, i have no other goal in life than to gaze at His beauty and worship at His feet.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

reflection 1

a chic little place by the road overlooking one side of panglao island in bohol. the area can accommodate only 5 tables that can seat maximum of 3 comfortably. their tables are covered with luscious greens and topped with thick glass. the whole place screams of relaxation. it is perfect for coffee and books or private little tit-a-tit with girlfriend/s. 

for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. romans 11:36

the infinite depths are His, and the infinite heights are His. He is the destination of all things. there is no explanation beneath God. no matter how deep you go, there is God. He is the last explanation whether you go down to causes or go up to purposes.

Monday, December 5, 2016

west 35 eco mountain resort

whoever said that cebu's mountain has gone bald was seriously mistaken! atop the mountain of balamban sits the west 35 eco mountain resort that i heard so much about and had inquired once with regards to venues for my wedding. yay! i am finally here. and it was a foggy, rainy and cold 2 days i spent with other members of field partners of compassion international. the good view and temperature was a welcome change from the usually humid and claustrophobic feel of the city.

we have to walked at least 300 steps to get to the room where we were assigned. it was called a "barkada room". it was spacious and has its own balcony, two toilets and to baths. it also has a bonfire pit outside with benches and chairs surrounding it. the staff provides you with materials for the fire if it is your desire to share aswang stories or chika late into the night. with the temperature on the resort, the fire would be a welcome comfort into the cold night.

one of the many things i like in west 35 is their open sided cr! 

my husband was laughing at me because he thought i am dress so poorly for the cold

lovely view of from inside their front desk!

the haven cafe. west 35's restaurant.

i definitely wants to go back during this time of the year next time. i would probably go for a room that has its own outside tub. imagine soaking on a warm soapy and scented water while you are enveloped in a fog with cool breeze and the lush green moutains as your view. an absolute must try!

what a sight to see when you wake up at 6 am!

*photo from fb of ate lin

all photos taken using my iphone 5s! forgive their graininess.