Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sirao Farms

Thursday, January 12, 2017

family trip to hinigaran

i brought husband to hinigaran, my home town, for the very first time. he was game to all of the food and i was thankful that his stomach stayed strong despite the amount of oyster he had consumed. he thinks that fetching water from a well was cool. he also thought that most of my neighbors and family are shorter than lesli (my sister). we find this really hilarious because my sister barely reach 5 feet.

this trip was a relief and did so much to bring back the light atmosphere we had the first days we arrived for my brother's wedding. what happened in between the wedding and our trip to hinigaran was, an accident. our rental car was hit by a passenger jeepney and the headlight on the right side got smashed. i was so scared of what will happen that i almost cried. thankfully it was all sorted out. we paid an amount much lesser than what i originally thought, which was huge (this was the reason why husband scolded me for almost crying because of the amount i thought we would have paid).
so like i said, coming home to hinigaran was really great. yummy oysters, tasty coconut pie, family bonding and being home made up for all the scary moments the day before.

i know i have downplayed the accident a bit and my extreme reaction to it but in that case i was truly grateful because ranley remained calm and encouraging and keeps the focus on the important things like the fact that there was nothing else amiss with the rental car other than the headlights (which can easily be replaced), that all of us inside the car was safe - no scratches, or dent, that we have not bump into any other living things like humans or animals perhaps. so i admire hi for his fortitude and stillness. 

scape skydeck

one of our major struggle (i think) is how to capture moments when husband and i are together. he is one of those who believes that each moment just needs to be savored and felt with all senses instead of being hampered/ hindered by posing for a photo op. i on the other hand believes that "the palest ink is more powerful that the most retentive memory" that no matter how blurry the photo is, it is still better than just memory. which reminded me of the movie, the notebook. where when the wife becomes old and senile the husband gets to remind the wife of how much they have been through and how much they love each other.
so i capture photos as much as i can whenever we are together and also when we are apart. although not all get posted on social media. i am hoping that when we get to the point where our memories cannot be trusted, we have these to help us remember the life we have built together and hopefully see how good God has been.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

christmas 2016

(excerpt from the blog of david bonifacio)

"Fall in love (with Jesus).
How? That’s a good question. It’s a great question. No one can be forced to fall in love. We can neither force ourselves. We truly have to fall. (Which is why I find it so silly that people think we can process love into people. We can process the motions of loving acts but love cannot be manufactured. It has to bloom.)
Gaze at His beauty.
And what makes Him beautiful? What are His graces and excellences? Let me share the little that my small mind can conceive.
Here is a person who had His life completely at its best. Full comfort. Full satisfaction. Full fellowship. All power. All authority. Yet He offered His life for breaking, that my broken life may be offered love. He doesn’t want me standing in the alley. He wants me walking down the aisle. He doesn’t want me performing for tips. He wants me dancing with Him. He doesn’t need me to read four chapters a day. He wants to remind me of His love. He doesn’t need me to do anything for Him, how arrogant of me to even think that the Creator is hostage to me, but He does want me so badly, that He laid down His life for mine. And He loves me so much that He promised, “You may walk away from me, but I will never walk away from you.”
What a beautiful person. What a promise of Happiness.
I’m convinced I didn’t fall sooner because I was too busy looking at everyone else and at the mirror. I wasn’t looking at Him".


come christmas 2017, i have no other goal in life than to gaze at His beauty and worship at His feet.