Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking at this very chocolate colored water in front of the our church office's building makes me feel different and there's this urge for me to do something - make something and so my brilliant mind (at the moment) conjured up an image of little Nat-Nat playing paper boat at a water drainage very near the old house in Hinigaran.. haha... just kidding... but seriously here's how serious looking our church's office look like:

This rounded pavement allow us to play skip and jump for 6 days if its raining :D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wishful Longings

Lounging around and sipping tea - yep, tea. As in TEA. The drinks of the civilized people... according to ancient writings - they also said coffee is a heathen brew. Well, well.... im sure they are just prejudiced :D

Anyway, i was surfing the net and found this very nice looking Converse shoes - i know, i know, they're Chuck Taylors.... but whatever... here she goes :

Longing #1

See????!!! it has even the theme of my blog... i think this is meant to be...
Wait, my BFF thinks that this looks like a thing for people with age below 20.... i don't care very much so...

and one other thing that caught my eye is this one :

Longing #2

My deep and very reverent prayer is that i will have a house with a corner like this one... i could just picture myself sitting there with a good book and hot coffee (yep the heathen brew) and spending a long time lounging out.

That there ends my wishful longings of the moment :D