Saturday, April 26, 2014

philippa paloma madsen

a very late post. this was during our niece's dedication ceremony.

march 15, 2014
nature's village resort, talisay city, negros occidental, philippines.

look at those eyes!!! .... oh, and the drool! haha!
sister dear

dayenyen, sister dear, tita lans & me
the ever beautiful kathrina & youngest sis
mama & tita inday
with one of the god-fathers, jore

tita lans & joshua
the lovely cake!

the dad & my lovely cousin dear, christine :-)
the curly cuteness & cousins

the ceremony!

brother dear singing
uncle pastor
ma. isabel!
family <3 i="">
with the parents & god-parents
kuya caleb, baby basti, pipa & baby gail

all filipino food except for this one green salad for all of us. 
tita helen & tito roger
kuya caleb!

i <3 i="" this="">


all photos by: essie studios by cmfotograpia

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the ruins

a few weeks ago almost immediately after i posted about heavenly declaration, we visited this place. no kids, just us adults. i have already seen this place before and written about it here. the last time we were there we missed the sunset but this time we witnessed it. it was amazing. 
i could try and write a lot about this visit to a beautiful, historic place again but there are already a lot written about it. although it looks majestic and picturesque especially on sunset, what adds to its attraction is the heroic history behind this lovely architecture. if you want more history, you can visit THIS.

ours are just pictures. :-)
believe me, i was holding fast. look at my foot!
jore. still business.
white kid problem. too much sunlight.

arguing who's in-charge of the baby next. lol
beef  lechon. 
first time in army navy 
on the way to the airport
close your eyes at he count of three!
men discussing men stuff. sister, hey, i have wifi!
for the second time i wondered how did that tree end up on that tall tower. probably pollination. or something like that.

i forced him to do this. lol
he forced me to shot this. 
nobody has to forced me for this. haha

discussing the merit of a freshly ground coffee
finally. a sunset shot. jore's work

sister & bro-in-law

jore's perspective!