Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Day

20 years of being apart is sure to a be longgg time. 

on the first day that they met...
dexter : "we will see each other again."
emma: "i know we will."

...and they did see each other again, they meet one day each year on the day they first met for the next 20 years...

'tis sounds so sad :(. you ask why? here are some of the lines that proves it :
emma: "whatever happens tomorrow, we have today...i'll always     remember it... (see what i mean? sounds fatalistic.)
dexter: "maybe we could just be friends" (on the day they met)
dexter: "emma and i were just good friends, and anyway she's not my type" (dexter's answer to her mother's inquiry of the status of his relationship with emma)
dexter:"i'm so much better when your around"... 

 the official trailer

the movie was a story about ENDURING love (maybe). but still i think they should have been together from the start. i'm not so sure if their lives apart from each other was covered in the adage that goes "everything-happens-for-a-reason" kind of stuff or it was just the effect of bad decisions.

maybe, just maybe, they did learn something valuable but i am not sure if those learning where able to compensate the tragedy of emptiness cause by a life lived separately from the one that was meant for you since from the very beginning.

personal opinion: yes, they did realized something in the end... they were meant to be, that what they had since from the start was true love and they have wasted years, emotions, resources on other stuff that they should have spent with each other.

Monday, February 6, 2012

under the cover and between the sheets

destination: M/V Logos Hope

sharing here a few pictures i took during a tour with friends up on M/V logos hope ship

this diesel thing used to provide power for the ship from 1973 to 2008 when it was replaced because of a crankshaft failure.

one of the book that i was drooling to buy but haven't 

my least favorite character... eww

this one can be found in the "Life is a Journey" gallery in the ship

i say the picture is worth a thousand words! lol!
what do i think of the whole thing? hmmm... the books aren't as cheap as advertised but the Life X-Perience gallery was truly and experience :-D

this declaration is debatable... every single one of my friend here in cebu knows that i only have the courage to tour downtown  alone if i'm in a taxi :-D

forgot to take a deep breath say, "stomach in". haha

going home
from 1970's to the 20th century

life is a JOURNEY!
i felt like a kid tied to a chair and sorrounded by candies and sweets and lollipops and chocolates !!! books!!! lots of them :)

i will be forever regretful that i didn't buy this one :(

love this particular children's book. it has a lot of pop-up stories in every page!

the tour ended in this manner... adams singing lullabys and ate lani fighting sleep. haha.


was having a quiet coffee and breakfast with my sister... coffee half way to my lips when i felt the tremor -- i saw the glass of water shook and stared at it for a few seconds when it finally hit me that truly it was an earthquake! nobody is immune to fear - i was a bit scared honestly because when my brain grasp the idea that the tremor was actually an actual earthquake - my mind conjured only one image - Japan-... and i was like gosh! is this also going to be as bad as japan? thankfully it was not. later learned that it is a 6.8 earthquake and that almost every island near dumaguete (which was the epicenter of the quake) and some parts of mindanao has felt its "shake"... and that there was this alert for a tsunami for west coast of cebu and east coast of negros (i'm very embarrassed to admit i don't know if we are in the east of west coast of cebu!!!) and that there's panic in the colon area.

i think, sometimes, not having a television is a blessing in itself...

my mother from negros called me and announced that our living room suffered the most - it cracked! but other than that all my family and friends are safe. praise God for his protection.

her call though was not all that bad. she also mentioned that my uncle (her brother) and my aunt (her cousin) are now faithfully coming to church. 

certainly God's ways cannot never be measured and his wisdom is absolutely infinite!


almost forgot to post this picture.... this was taken in Chika-an, SM, Cebu City last January 2012. bff carina , leslie, and I had a really good time swapping stories and reminiscing funny moments from the past... thinking that what did not kill us really made us stronger :-D... wishing for more of this times. miss u Ca ..
sister dear, ruby and i had a blast watching Saving Private Ryan and Tears of the Sun this morning --- abusing the streaming sites for free movies is waayyy good! and dearest dear sister was feeling generous and  charitable she did my nails and painted it bloody red! yay!
yesterday's message was truly a strike through the heart. Habakkuk kept on hoping and clinging on to God despite the seemingly hopeless situation... even if it was looking as if God himself has left them. he learned to "Rejoice in his Faith".... trusting nothing but God's promises.

Habbakuk 3:17-18
        17Though the fig tree does not blossom and there is no fruit on the vines, though the product of the olive fails and the fields yield no food, though the flock is cut off from the fold and there are no cattle in the stalls,
    18Yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will exult in the victorious God of my salvation!

note for self: remember, it is easier ALWAYS to walk by sight than by FAITH. so do not be deceived.
loving the gloomy weather and the cool breeze. just wishing and praying that this rainy moments won't cost some people's lives or properties. 

bless this week Dear Father :-D