Saturday, April 20, 2013

shades of green

this is the first time i will ever join a challenge in blogs. i don't really know what'll the outcome be. but when i saw all the pretty links in projectalicia's page it kind of draw me in :-)

here's my entry

freedom. energy. summer. friends. = true happiness

check out Natures Photography through Project Alicia's page :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

disturbed by joy -(not so wordless wednesday)

it is good to be back sharing personal stuff online again. i am a private person. every one of my friends would say that when it comes to things that are personal to me like relationships and problems, i rarely rarely share it. and when i do i just generalized things. 
but I would like to officially share something on this blog that is intensely personal and private.

alona beach resort, panglao island, bohol, philippines
 i am now an engaged woman!

mantalongon mountains, cebu province
yep, you heard/read me right.

and because of that I am disturbingly happy. giddy-happy. smiling-silly-at-nothing-happy. the kind of happy that makes me wanna carve our initials on a bark of a tree. Lol.

trail to badian falls
i would like to take credit for making this man love me but I really can’t. in our relationship, unconventional it maybe, I can truly say that it is only by the grace of God that we have survived this long. 

alona beach resort, panglao island, bohol
my fiancĂ©e (feels really good to say that by the way J), is a loving, thoughtful, sweet and wonderful person. but right now what makes me feel so in love with him is the fact that he insists that God should be in the center of our relationship. i honestly think he is a good person, but i didn't expect him to be this wonderful (okay, fine, fine, i already think he is wonderful).

mountain view resort, cebu city
i just wished i could have given him the gift of time (more of it) – to have more unhurried conversations (sorry about this Boss, truly am).

tarsier botanika restauralnt, panglao island, bohol (my sister's wedding reception)
thank you Boss. for everything that you are. "it is feels like springtime in winter, it feels like christmas in june... every time i close my eyes i thank the Lord that i have you and you have me too".

swimming with the sharks!


"the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands".
our God is so truly amazing in everything. he truly cares, even in the little things in our lives. and he does "order the steps of a righteous man".