Thursday, May 26, 2011


i  am not Imeldific.... but i like shoes - not the way others craved for it but i respect them. these here caught my attention -

very elegant :D

attention getter


this is what i call "bowed over"


weird! really?! id rather be caught dead than wear this!

this one's to die for - literally. lol.

seductive : i don't think i can pull this one off though
floral masterpice :I


everyday... FLIP FLOPS<3

his brand - hmmm.

mine - love love love :D

a leap of faith

...heaven knows love is just a chance we take...
we make plans but love demands a LEAP of FAITH...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


what makes me happy. 

one. it's the first thing that comes to mind and it's pretty obvious. it's the man. he's wonderful for a million reasons. he makes me feel deliriously crappy( :D) and happy. he makes me feel completely out of this world. it's the best.

two. coffee. i know i mustn't but i could not help it... even with my hyper-acidity and my heart burns i still am turned on (well kinda, what a term!) by the smell of steaming cup of hot coffee.

three. laughing. admittedly, i am not the typical open-to-all-jokes (whatever that means) kind of person. but i like to laugh when there is something funny. it feels good. so long as people don't laugh at my expense. i am still learning the art of laughing at my own mistakes.

four. writing. i am so far off from being a real writer/blogger but i like to scribble down my thoughts, it frees something inside of me. and i can look back to what i have written and realize where i am in comparison to my past (well sort of).

five. reading and movies. other than me squeezing all good things i can get from doing this two things, these are also sort of therapeutic. in order for me to completely turn my mind off something,  reading and watching a good movie is a must.

six. jeans and tees. life becomes comfy when your clad in these

seven. presents. all right. i don't like surprises very much. but then i maybe lying when i say i really don't like surprises. what girl doesn't? but anticipating is awesome. i mean the tension just builds and builds and heightens and then burst into colorful fireworks when the thing you have been anticipating is/has arrived/achieved.

eight. hanging out with friends and family. i am not a very sociable person. it takes time for me to warm up to people. i am not the kind to just walk up to someone and introduce myself unless it's absolutely necessary but to all my friends and family - i can't live without them! it is so nice to just be with them. the good thing with family and friends too is that you don't have to make small talks and when you see each other your conversations just took up from where you left it off the other day :D or the day before that or the day before that . lol.

nine. sandy beach/tall mountains. maybe not so tall mountains. lol. but i know you will agree with me that a nice beach and a high place absolutely changes one's mood. in actuality, i think i have a problem settling back to "work-mode" after i spend sometime outside of it :D

ten. food. yep, that's right it makes me happy (i never thought of food that way before). flavors are comforting...but i am biased for things that are spicy and creamy :D. corn on the cob is gooood, peanut butter or nutella on a spoon - heavenly. lol. 

eleven. sisters. alright i said 10. but well, it is my list. lol. these two and are as different as night and day but we are sisters for a reason. one's life is as stunted as a bonsai plant without the other. without one of them life is a bit unthinkable. i mean who will i fight with and share my dark secrets?! lol.

so, having dinner of very good food (gambas in particular) in a nice sandy beach (preferablyshangri-la just coz i haven't been there) with the man (lol). and go someplace where there's nice coffee and hang out with friends and family where there's laughter. then my sis would come and surprise me with a nice (or more than nice) present! then go home, have a good bath, settle in the couch to write about the evening and then read a Jane Austen before drifting off to la-la land. 

that kind of sum up happiness for the day.

i wish the world is smaller.

how about you, what makes you happy?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I wonder how long am I gonna be able to stand this? the silent days, the numbness of pain, the desperately irritating frustration of not getting what I want...

guess i'm just affected a boring day at work today... certainly tomorrow is gonna be better. i need tomorrow to be better.