Wednesday, July 30, 2014

river rafting

a very late post. again.

this one was taken the first week of june. my friends and i went to cagayan de oro to try their river rafting. officially the thing is called "the great white river" but it rained so hard the night before our adventure so the river was chocolate brown. the water was really cool though that we decided to jump and swim for a bit in the middle of the trip where the current was not so strong.
it was four hours of river swaying, rocking, bumping, swimming, etc. i was the only one not wearing a ruched guard or any sleeves so i think i look as chocolate as the river at the end of the trip :-) no regrets though.

the yellow thing was bing. accidentally pushed by jore 
that paddle was the only thing we saw of her for a couple of minutes. we thought that she would never make it. 
thank God she resurfaced again! 

the teams