Monday, September 14, 2015

society of religious freedom

i was reading max lucado's out live your life this morning. i am already in chapter 8 and it talks about persecution. this paragraph catched my attention because i can so relate to it. i am living in a society of religious freedom where there are really no actual i-will-physically-harm-you threat for christian believers like myself but plenty of temptations and pressure to let go of my values and convictions.

max lucado said:

"or perhaps you indwell a society of religious freedom but a community of spiritual oppression. you may not face blades and terrorists but critics and accusers. family members mock your beliefs. university (or high school friends and teachers) professors belittle your convictions. classmates snicker at your choices. colleagues pressure you to compromise your integrity. coworkers make it their mission to snag you in a weak moment. knife to your neck? NO. but pressure to abandon your convictions?

his "solution" to this is very simple and  a no-brainer.

"so how can we prepare ourselves? simple. imitate the disciples. linger long and often in the presence of Christ. meditate on his grace. ponder his love. memorize his words. gaze into his face. talk to him. courage comes as we live with Jesus."

oh, God please give me the strength and the grace to fight the lulling breezy winds of little compromises to my faith. the pull and pressure to succumb into the popular ideas and the "new normal" of this generation i live in which does nothing for my own desire to please you and to bring glory to your name. may you always be upper most in my heart and mind.

*special shout out to my best friend of 17 years. we've been friends that long mame =). i pray for all of God's favor and blessing for you always. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

make me love you, Lord

been couch potato all day today. still lying on the couch and staring on my blank screen. i do not know what to write. 

every time i thought of writing something
i want to cry.
no, actually i want to bowl. 
i don't really know why
but of course that statement
is all wrap up in a lie.

have you searched my heart my God?
Have you found something of yours in there?
Have you seen the rough edges?
the callous and the actual emptiness?

You might not believe this my God
but despite all that 
this heart is longing for you
for your fulfillment 
for the flooding of your grace

this heart wants to fall in love with you
again and again and again
this heart wants to see beauty in everything
knowing that you are its everything

make me love you Lord
make me long for you
make me hunger for you
devastate my heart with your presence

that i may live my life
every single minute of it for the purpose
of serving you, of pleasing you, of loving you