Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lunch TIme Break-up

Obviously this isnt mine... have never had a break-up this intense before... have never cause a scene in any restaurant or any public place in that matter... have never wore a mascara (oh, once or twice)... have never had any relationship with men who have wives.... etc... the author of this is anonymous but the article has captured soem of the sentiments that my friend has experience during a recent break-up with her long time boyfriend... and interestingly enough... she was wearing mascara during the to-die-for moment (lol-just kidding)

It’s not you,
It’s me.
It’s not the right time.
More wine?
Can’t explain why.
Please don’t cry.

They said to break the news in a public place.
Now the mascara is running down her face.

Don’t send the waiter away.
We’re going to be here all day.

Please put down that knife.
No, I’m not going back to my wife.
You can’t make a scene in here.
Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear.
Waiter! Is that whisky on its way?
She’s twisting everything I say.

It’s not me,
It’s you.
Look, I have to be back by two.
No, nothing’s more important than this.
How about one last goodbye kiss?

No, there’s no one else, I swear.
I wouldn’t even dare.
I would never cheat.
Of course, you make me complete.

What’s that? You’ll throw yourself in front of a train?
Ok, Ok, of course we can try again.
Dessert? For you dear, nothing’s too much trouble.
Waiter! More wine for the lady and make mine a double

Friday, September 4, 2009

His Way

God has a way of yanking me out of my slumber...
my comfort zone (not that I'm really comfortable)
- When I thought that all is well then the testing comes...
- When I thought I'm strong then struggles come to prove my weakness...
- When I thought I can relax and can almost predict the future ...
I am thrown back into a dark pit
and once again everything becomes blurry...
and I'm groping blindly for something I can hang-on to...

God has a way of courting me...
- The moment my hand slipped slowly from His - he let's go and i would realise
I'll fall hard without him...
- The moment i think my dreams are so reachable... he wakes me up so
I'll see that reality in Him is much more desirable...
- The moment I'm tempted to sit back and watched ministry in the sidelines
I am thrust into a situation where my only option is one I could not decline...

God has a way of loving me...
- One that I could not resist
- One that I could never ignore
- One that keeps me stunned and amazed
- One that Keeps me his through his grace

But why oh why do I ran away?
How could i leave his security?
Stubborn, silly, stupid me!
Why would I want a taste of a muddy, mossy water...
When God is offering a clear running river?