Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I want

I want a carrer - not just a job
I want a home - not just a house

I need true friendship - not just mere acquaintances
I need genuine relationships - not just partners

I want a sense of being right - not just win an argument
I want to be respected - not just listened to

I want to worship - not just sing
I want to pray - not just mumble

Above all ....

I want to live - not just survived
I want to love - freely, deeply... passionately... wildly (?)
- the kind that I'd do if i know there'll be no tomorrow


I want to experience the best of God's world
- to eat , drink, and be merry
... yet tempered with the knowledge of the truth that
the world has nothing to offer when it comes to the serious of life
- like faith, hope and love ...

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