Thursday, July 8, 2010


toad poles reminds me so much of childhood.... it came to me because its rainy season... and when we went visiting somewhere i saw a gutter sooo full of them... and the wide eyed mother (maybe, they look a like..umm) with its adams apple (what else would u call the pulse that keeps bloating in and out its throat?) and pimply skin look on....

i use to love catching them up in our kangkongan.. i get really really giggly doing that... like i was made to do that (u know catch toadpoles all my life).. thank /God i grew up.. i realize u don't catch them ... u wait for them to grow up and catch them - for exotic viand purposes... ugghhhh.. gross.. but i've tried eating them .. at least the kind of them that is edible... tasted good too.. just don't know if it will taste the same now - now that i think myself --- well, ummm ... civilized.

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