Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wishful Longings

Lounging around and sipping tea - yep, tea. As in TEA. The drinks of the civilized people... according to ancient writings - they also said coffee is a heathen brew. Well, well.... im sure they are just prejudiced :D

Anyway, i was surfing the net and found this very nice looking Converse shoes - i know, i know, they're Chuck Taylors.... but whatever... here she goes :

Longing #1

See????!!! it has even the theme of my blog... i think this is meant to be...
Wait, my BFF thinks that this looks like a thing for people with age below 20.... i don't care very much so...

and one other thing that caught my eye is this one :

Longing #2

My deep and very reverent prayer is that i will have a house with a corner like this one... i could just picture myself sitting there with a good book and hot coffee (yep the heathen brew) and spending a long time lounging out.

That there ends my wishful longings of the moment :D

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