Monday, February 28, 2011

not a bucket list

(x) Balut
(x) Kwek-kwek
(x) Kambing (goat)
(x) Aso (dog)
(x) Bayawak (giant lizard) (wayback) :-0
(x) Wild boar or wild deer
(x) Durian (candies)
(x) Palaka (frog)
(x) Adidas (chicken feet)
(x) isaw (intestine) (wayback)
( ) Soup #5 (bull's reproductive organ) ...m greatest

Rode the following...
(X) Tricycle
(x) Karitela / Kalesa
(x) Trolley/push cart along the riles (railroad)
(x) Banka (boat)
( ) MRT / LR/Subway
(x) Jeepney
(x) Airplane
( ) Helicopter
(x) Bus where you had to stand at the estribo (doorway)
(x) Top load on a jeepney (during intership in Ozamis..definitely fun!)
(x) Fire Truck (during wild HS days)
( ) Top load on a PNR train
( ) Rode in a Love Bus
(x) Rode a motorbike and crashed it!

Been to...
( ) The Rice Terraces or Sagada
( ) Star City
( ) Enchanted Kingdom
( ) Shooting the Rapids in Cagayan(Pagsanjan or elsewhere)
(x) See the Tarsier (small wide-eyed primate)
(x) See Magellan's cross
( ) See the Black Nazarene in Quiapo
( ) Manila Zoo
(x) Crocodile farm (Palawan)
( ) Seen the Philippine Eagle in Davao
(x) Tinago Falls
(x) gone caving
(x) Siquijor

Tried the following...
(X) Played Patintero
(X) Played Tumbang Preso
(x) Played Piko (wuts piko)
(x) Played Sungka
(x) Played with Spiders
(X) Played Chinese Garter
(X) Played Chinese Jackstones
( ) Climbed a coconut tree
(x) Caught fish in the canal during a rainy day (toadpoles too)
( ) Had a salagubang (beetle) for a pet

Culturally oriented activities...
(x) Danced the Tinikling or any other native dance
( ) Attended Simbang Gabi ( Midnight Mass )
( ) Participated in Ati-Atihan
(x) Attended/participated in any religious procession (school activity)
( ) Rode a kalabaw (carabao) or baka (cow)
( ) Used gugo for shampoo
(x) Tumulay sa kawayan (walked on a bamboo pole bridge)
( ) Kept Vigil at the Cemetery for Nov.1
( ) Visited 9 (or more) churches during holy week
(x) Greeted your grandparents or elders by kissing their hand or having them touch your forehead ( I do this )

Provincial living...
(x) Eaten fish head... 
(x) Drank Lambanog (coconut wine) or Tuba (rice wine) or Basi (Sugarcane wine)
(x) Drank Batangas barako coffee or Cordillera coffee
(x) Told manananggal, aswang, capre stories during a brownout or rainy night
(x) Slept under a mosquito net or on a banig
(x) Eaten champorado with tuyo (w/o tuyo)
(x) Eaten pandesal filled with condensed milk
(x) Dunked pandesal into hot coffee
( ) Ate fried rice with coffee as your soup
(X) Took a bath under a "poso" or by the "ilog" river)

Young life...
(X) Gone to the beach in summer
( ) Rode horses in Baguio
(X) Eaten otap, piyaya, or buko pie
(x) Polished the floor with coconut husk
( ) Seen Taal Volcano
(x) Called anyone "pare/mare", "tol", or "bos/bossing"
(x) Took a bath in the rain
( ) Got a tattoo (a real one)
( ) Attended an exclusive boys/girls school
(x) Cut class (all the time during senior year)

Metro living...
( ) Got stuck in the EDSA parking lot
(x) Walked in a flood (eewwww)
(x) Lifted furniture up away from the flood water
(X) Eaten Dirty Ice Cream
(X) Eaten fish balls / squid balls sa kalye (not anymore)
( ) Attended an inuman (drinking session) in the neighborhood
(x) Lived in a boarding house
(x) Gone to the casino
( ) Gone inside Malacanang Palace
(x) Gone shopping at 168 / Divisoria

Historic Events / Places...
( ) participated in EDSA 1 / 2 / 3
( ) Marched in Mendiola
( ) Attended a Makati rally
( ) Visited the Ayala Museum
( ) Visited Corregidor
( ) Visited Bataan shrine
( ) Visited Biak na Bato
( ) Visited Rizal's house in Calamba, Laguna
(x) Visited Lapu Lapu's shrine in Mactan Island
( ) Visited Ferdinand Marcos' resting place
(x) Jose Rizal's Exiled Town, Dapitan

(x) Got stuck in your office / car / elsewhere during a storm
( ) Experienced a strong earthquake while on a floor 10 stories or higher
( ) Watched the Thrilla in Manila
( ) Get stuck in NAIA because of a VIP coming in or leaving

Sports events...
(x ) Watched horse races at the karerahan
( ) Monitored the Tour of Luzon / of the Philippines
(x) Watched a PBA game live
(x) Watched a Pacquaio fight (TV)
(x) Bet in a cock fight

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