Monday, February 6, 2012

under the cover and between the sheets

destination: M/V Logos Hope

sharing here a few pictures i took during a tour with friends up on M/V logos hope ship

this diesel thing used to provide power for the ship from 1973 to 2008 when it was replaced because of a crankshaft failure.

one of the book that i was drooling to buy but haven't 

my least favorite character... eww

this one can be found in the "Life is a Journey" gallery in the ship

i say the picture is worth a thousand words! lol!
what do i think of the whole thing? hmmm... the books aren't as cheap as advertised but the Life X-Perience gallery was truly and experience :-D

this declaration is debatable... every single one of my friend here in cebu knows that i only have the courage to tour downtown  alone if i'm in a taxi :-D

forgot to take a deep breath say, "stomach in". haha

going home
from 1970's to the 20th century

life is a JOURNEY!
i felt like a kid tied to a chair and sorrounded by candies and sweets and lollipops and chocolates !!! books!!! lots of them :)

i will be forever regretful that i didn't buy this one :(

love this particular children's book. it has a lot of pop-up stories in every page!

the tour ended in this manner... adams singing lullabys and ate lani fighting sleep. haha.

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