Wednesday, March 14, 2012

20 reasons why he dislike the philippines

i assure you with utmost assurance, you will only have two kinds of reactions after watching this, you'll either agree or dislike this guy. let me know what you think. lol

it's not so much the reasons that he cited that's irritating, because almost all of those really needs to be given considerable consideration and attention by our government and every concerned filipino citizens, but it may be because of the snobby, snotty, haughty, (okay, defensive. lol) our-country-is-better-than-you attitude. 

he is stating facts. no doubt about that. but, does he have to curse with an "F" word when describing everything that he doesn't like? Ah BASTA! this guy needs more than just a lesson in culture tolerance and constructive criticism but also a good whipping.

two comments i thought balanced it all out : 

comment one: american
"look,i'm not filipino ,but you know what,bro? you shouldn't say all these things.all countries have differences,negative or positive.It's not like our country, america is so perfect. we may not have some of these bad things that you see in the philippines but still, IT'S F*****G EVEN. we have negative stuff in america too,and other countries as well.there's no perfect country!

and i've got 20 reasons why i don't believe in races, just humans."

comment two: filipino
"as much as i'd like to dislike this video, i just couldn't. he is mostly right. and the thing is, there are a lot of things us normal filipinos can do and i'd start with the easiest:
1.stop throwing garbage / pissing/ spitting everywhere and anywhere (yea, he forgot to mention about spits)
2. learn to fall in line.
yang 2 yan di nga magawa ng karamihan eh (those two are mostly the ones that most filipinos couldn't do). Puro reklamo lang (they're all complaints). you do not need to be a genius to realize what's wrong or right. i mean come on? how hard can it be?"


Mikwen said...
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Mikwen said...
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Mikwen said...

yeah he's a jerk! what is he doing in the philippines in the first place?? i could not believe that this video has been going around in facebook. By sharing this it was like they were saying "yeah we agree with you, we are stupid, f--k--g undisciplined morons" . I was on the verge of commenting at my frend "have u given it a deep thought before sharing this vid?" There are a lot of countries with conditions more griever than us, but u can't see them doing this. It is because they are proud of their country and of who they are.
In spite of our limitations, the only thing that we must suppose to have is---patriotism. If they share this to the public I hope they have the guts first to ask themselves, "would this make me a patriot?"
Most of what he said were true. But if we must be an advocate of change, make it an internal affair among us pinoys. Be discreet. Don't publicize it for the whole world to see and give other races reason to judge us or mock us. For those who shared, haven't they realized they are doing more damaged than good in our already tainted image. This is not only damaging to our image, but more importantly to our economy. How could we attract tourists with this vid? Wow Philippines?? Yes we have a lot to change among ourselves to make this country a better place to live in, but I say, if God gave me a chance to choose my race or country I would still be a Filipino.. It is because I love my country, I love my culture. I love how deeply-knitted our family are, I love how my parents raised me, I love my childhood memories, those "piko, chinese garter, tumba lata, kick, saka sarisa, pangawat kapayas and indian manggo na hilaw, paligo sa suba, hampang sa ulan". Moreover, when I have problems I can always have somebody to listen to my troubles, or even help me. I don't have to pay a psychiatrist/psychologist like what they are doing in 1st world countries, this reflects how lonely they are. We on the other hand, have better coping mechanism when facing problems. Worst of all, because their country are better than ours, a lot of them don't believe in God!!
That man made 20 reasons why he dislikes Philippines but i have more than hundred of reasons why I love my country. My relationship with God, family and friends topped my list.

ngpaloma said...

kwen i will make 101 reason why i love my country :)

Anonymous said...

that guy ....? he better shut up

Anonymous said...

Why in the world is he in the philippines? If he dislike our country WHY ON EARTH IS HE MAKING AN EFFORT OF COMING HERE? he could have saved his money (fare) and shove it down his mouth! Better yet, save his energy and use it to "power" a machine that would help him understand people.

Anonymous said...

Please, lets not talk about this "white dummy" and his "stupid vid". The more we share this the more popular he becomes (we dont want that to happen). Disregard him, even if he speaks the truth, it will not help us make our country better.

Anonymous said...

hhmmm....i haven't watched the video, but yeah, there are so many things to dislike in our country, yet there are so many things to dislike in other countries too... the thing is, or i might say, :"if we don't want other people critize our way of living, then, we must have a change, first: we people, or majority of people needs EDUCATION, -academically "everyone need not only the basic ABC's", or on how to multiply populations,there are so many things to learn to improve our lives, spiritually and morally "fear of GOD is the best way to discipline ourselves specifically in doing what is right, what is wrong",what is good and what is bad..."Im a Filipino, but we cannot stop other people in critizing us, instead we must accept this to improve our lives, and treat all his/her negative criticism as A CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM...

Anonymous said...

Masyadong Balat sibuyas ang Pinoy, super PIKON...lets grow up....gusto lang natin palagi ay mga papuri...time to know from our guests whats wrong with us.. matitigas ang ulo natin.ayaw natin sumunod sa mga rules at ayaw nating linisin ang ating kapaligiran. Talo pa natin ang mga baboy at mga aso kung saan saan tayo umiihi at tumatae. Walang malinis na CR.. Focus Focus..ano ba talaga ang problema natin bilang mga tao? PIKON palagi tayo..ayaw natin mapagsabihin...harapin natin ang obserbasyon..kung may katotohanan.. hindi naman siya gumagawa ng kwento. Nagdodocument lang siya ng mga things na nakakabanas...unless na Oks na oks na sa inyo ang mga mababahong CR?