Tuesday, August 14, 2012

live to the fullest

each person has a spiritual obligation before God to learn how to live well, to live fully, as opposed to knowing how to live comfortable. – luci swindoll

live to the fullest
ah, comfort. who doesn’t want to live a comfortable life? we yearn for moments when we can wrap ourselves in a soft comforter, grasp a mug of our favorite coffee or hot tea in our hands, and listen to the  silent drum beating of the raindrops on our roofs, watching our dew covered windows or for others, warm crackling fire in the fireplace. Or maybe your picture of comfort has to do with exotic climes and a hammock strectched between tall palm trees or mango trees.

when God provides such times of comfort, we can thank him for that gift. but when days come that are far from comfortable, maybe even painful, we can take comfort in the fact that God is teaching us to live well, to live fully. it is a known fact that we learn and appreciate life more when we have experienced and undergone the uncomfortable. never has our own selves been challenged than when we are in these moments. the best and the brightest in us comes alive during our toughest times. those people who have survived being hurt, being pained, being uncomfortable and has suffered became our best examples of courage, growth and tremendous faith. God did say, "he has given us everything (let me say that again)- EVERYTHING, we need for life and godliness". he has more for us in life than just to live comfortably. i can say  he may call us to take uncomfortable risks, or forego some of what is good in order to have what is best. above all, it means having Jesus, who came to give us life to the fullest.

p.s. italics are mine :)

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