Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Problems. Big Answers.

"sometimes  greatest answer to prayer happens when you have no place to go to but God".   carol cymbala

big problems. big answers.

bad reports. dreams crushed. hope lost. the perfect time for God to do his work.

the impossibility of our situation means nothing to God. he delights in bringing answer when all we see are obstacles. he does some of his best work when there is no money, no time, no hope, no way out.

are you at the point of giving  up? have you done everything humanly possible to solve the problem but you feel there is still no answer? its too big for you to fix, too overwhelming to handle, too much to bear.

fall on your knees before God. you have nowhere else to turn. then, that's just the time when God says to you, relax my daughter. It isn't over until i say it's over.

big problems.require big answers. and that's God specialty. 

by: sarah young

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trusting God's greatness and faithfulness is a process that i still need to learn over and over again.

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