Monday, December 5, 2016

west 35 eco mountain resort

whoever said that cebu's mountain has gone bald was seriously mistaken! atop the mountain of balamban sits the west 35 eco mountain resort that i heard so much about and had inquired once with regards to venues for my wedding. yay! i am finally here. and it was a foggy, rainy and cold 2 days i spent with other members of field partners of compassion international. the good view and temperature was a welcome change from the usually humid and claustrophobic feel of the city.

we have to walked at least 300 steps to get to the room where we were assigned. it was called a "barkada room". it was spacious and has its own balcony, two toilets and to baths. it also has a bonfire pit outside with benches and chairs surrounding it. the staff provides you with materials for the fire if it is your desire to share aswang stories or chika late into the night. with the temperature on the resort, the fire would be a welcome comfort into the cold night.

one of the many things i like in west 35 is their open sided cr! 

my husband was laughing at me because he thought i am dress so poorly for the cold

lovely view of from inside their front desk!

the haven cafe. west 35's restaurant.

i definitely wants to go back during this time of the year next time. i would probably go for a room that has its own outside tub. imagine soaking on a warm soapy and scented water while you are enveloped in a fog with cool breeze and the lush green moutains as your view. an absolute must try!

what a sight to see when you wake up at 6 am!

*photo from fb of ate lin

all photos taken using my iphone 5s! forgive their graininess. 

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