Monday, August 1, 2016

anniversary week

helping store memories through photos. this was an amazing time with the husband.
we have decided this time to not travel around but stay and explore cebu more. we did a quick visit to the family in bohol though and it was an great time.

in front of the famous flower guitar in the lobby of the newly opened robinson's galleria. 

boys will always be boys, i guessed 
robinson's galleria has a really nice interior

double anniversary celebration at buffet 101

bohol beach club

and he really has to do this

the white sand beach in bbc is soooooooo tempting and amazingly serene

the weather was amazingly sunny during our stay. the breakfast was good, the staff was helpful and nice. there was not much people of the beach and it was  really good time for us to relax. we had a lovely day

hennan resort, panglao, lobby

view from the bar, hennan resort, panglao

breakfast at linaw resort

of course this was ranley's idea

buffet spread at hennan resort, panglao
cebu port, ferry departing

waiting for the ferry

patiently waiting for me while i had my nails done

one sunday's korean craving led us to this tiny diner in marina mall

when he agrees to model, grab it! that seldom happens

the hair is the result of the running to pose
toist temple, cebu

breakfast at abaca baking company

honestly forgot the name of most of the food we ate, but this one is especialy good

husband's choice of breakfast, a bagel

anniversary dinner at no. 9, restaurant

coffee at jpark, mactan island

God has given us 1 whole year of blessings. I am so grateful for the man that he has blessed me with. everyday, he tries to tell me and show me how important i am to him. we both only pray that our relationship will grow and mature in time and our greatest desire is to be able to bring God honor through our lives. 
I love you, Boss.

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