Sunday, October 23, 2016

road trippin'

there is always something so majestic about being on top of a mountain and looking out to a great expanse of greens and sky and sea. 

the great minds in mcof combined powers and decided that we should do our annual retreat in negros occidental. i immediately opposed the idea for two reasons:

first, i am from negros occidental!  if we are going on a tour it should be on a place i've never been (selfish self is of course subtle. saying things like, "we cannot travel typhoon is coming!)
second, i am still recovering from a mini pneumonia and still feel weak even though i already have missed work for more than 5 days.
i was thinking, maybe a nice resort around the island would be good or a quick over night stay in some place outside the city. no chance.

we left for bacolod city at 1 am. some of us did not sleep at all. we did all the crazy stop over stuff on top of don salvador mountains and take crazy amount of photos and then went directly to campuestohan highland resort. we headed down to civilizations again and rest for an hour, then eat dinner in diotay's place and head to a carnival area in the city and stayed there until 11 pm.  i was already a walking dead. i was swaying as we find our way to the car. 

when my body hit the bed, i was out but when i opened my eyes it was morning already! not fair!
when all my complaints is done, i would say that we had a really super good time together. relationships deepen, laughter comes easily, conversations are abundant to the point where someone has to do referee duties for everyone to have their time to express opinions, ideas or just 

a windmill. a prominent stracture in campuestohan higland resort

pretty girlfriends

hand holding walks

paddle time on a small lagoon. 

spring water meeting with salty huge one

spotting a cacao fruit after many many years.

the amazing view of cebu city from a million miles away.

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