Monday, April 30, 2012

i can't try hard enough

pictures. i will be showing off some of the shots that i did with my sister's new camera. bear with me. i'll improve with more practice. these pictures were taken during the youth camp and from panglao island where i spent the rest of my weekend with sister and her husband.

leslie - at the top of balay silangan campsite, loay, bohol

this proves we are sisters... we play with whatever is in our hands when talking on the phone :)

 jori - at the foot of the bunk bed - in a room i shared with 12 more people. what do you think is on his mind? haha

 aliyah to me: "hi baby!"... glowing because at first i thought i'm the only one she calls baby. ha! it turns out that she calls everyone baby. 

 les and carsten's sliding door. my left leg looks bigger than the other. 

 les - in alona tropical. 

 mr. and mrs. madsen. watch out for the opening of their resort. alona northland resort (click to go to their website) on november 2012

 i know i already told somebody that this is my fave place in panglao. this place has a dreamy sort of feel. maybe because of the hanging stuff all around and the way the cottages are build. and the place has lots and lots of trees, goody :-)

 kayaks. waiting.... waiting....

 the window that i love - while having breakfast in alona tropical 

 lightning mcqueen and his gang. belongs to a boy having breakfast with his parents right next to our table. his dad is eyeing me suspiciously while i took a picture of his son's toys. lol 

  mango juice in the morning instead of coffee. what more can i say? 

 water lilies nearby :)

 panglao homes- quietest compound ever :-D


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