Friday, April 6, 2012

why i love HIM

do i love him because he is too precious to me?
that loving him would mean my life?
do i love him because he is my happiness?
that without him i am nothing? lost?
what is being lost anyway?

one morning, i wake and called his name
didn't i do the same thing then?
but this day is different to me...
quiet different.

my thoughts crowded the room
calling the same name i've known
why this feeling unknown to me
 keep braggin' and pullin' me
from the person i've known to be?

i let my eyes go wanderin
maybe... yes, maybe i could let my emotions
go as a drop of rain
but no! i can't deny this feeling anymore
that keeps telling me -
"you love HIM"

i let my eyes go more beyond the scene
the bleak cold morning
the old weary sun
the lonely rugged mountains
the dropping leaves,
the empty highways
even far far away

but my thoughts keeps on forcing me to HIM, back to HIM
i look like a girl in love!
i whispered
Jesus... Jesus... Jesus...

why do i him so?
and of course i should know
He had loved me first

*by: Lani Gatumbato*

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