Monday, May 21, 2012

super moon

super moon!!! during my cousins wedding!!! i don't know if mikwen predicted that her night would be timed perfectly with the super moon but i am sure that it was really really nice. it adds a dreamy like atmosphere to her day (or night). it does not matter if we were all sweating inside (it showed a little outside) in our dresses. it still was an awesome night.

here is the picture of the super moon taken by my sister. it looks far but compared to the previous moons we've seen it was way more closer. i like that there is a silhouette and outline of palm trunks on the side :). it is said that the moon orbits the earth in an ellipse rather than a circle and that the closest and the furthest approaches are called perigee and apogee. i think it deserved to be mentioned because the next super moon would be on January 1, 2257. i know. well were blessed to have seen in our lifetime. our God is amazing!


Mikwen said...

hi natty, never heard of supermoon before.. haha.. i've seen it on the news one day before my wedding day and i asked nonoy what is supermoon, he had no idea either.. haha..

ngpaloma said...

haha. gali? ako gani. si Carsten was the one who told me... nice timing no?