Friday, May 11, 2012


if you are in a tropical country like ours, you'd probably be in the same sweaty dilemma as the rest of us.
right now i can shout to the whole wide world or world wide web that i, NGP, is totally HOT!!! and i am feeling hot, hot, hot! - literally i'm hot... just like the rest of every other filipino (except maybe the one's residing in baguio) i am being slowly purge with every bit of liquid in my body... there really is no way to "fashionably or coolly sweat" or is there?

we're all in the same drench-y, perspire-y and quiet possibly stinky dilemma today so you can imagine the euphoric chorus of  "YES!!!" when Margie announced, "we will have free halo-halo from chowking today". another YES!!.

for dine-in

take-out... this is what we got :)

it should be fair to say that even if i was born in a tropical country and have been sweating for almost have of the reasonable existence allowed to man, i still do not like the heat. never have, never will. my reason is simple. when your cold you can pile up and layer clothes and clothes and still look okay, maybe even fashionable. but when you feel hot you cannot strip down to your underwear while walking downtown and side walks and getting to work. you can peel of your skin but it'd hurt crazy (you are crazy if you do) and it will not lessen the heat one bit.

and honestly i am not so fond of halo-halo either. no offense to those who loves it. i can eat it and enjoy but then i can also live with out it :) today's treat is enthusiastically welcomed and have quenched and helped ward off heat even for just an hour or so...

*photos courtesy of google*

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