Tuesday, July 31, 2012

cheers to m and j :)

saturday night last week my sister, ruby and i,  attended a wedding of a friend. it was a good night. the place romantic, the setting tastefully done (maybe i can steal some pictures of the place for later), the bands professional performance (in my un-professional observation) is superbly done, music wisely chosen, except for that first few songs that sounds a bit melancholic for a wedding (like i said, un-professional observation). the breeze from pre-stormy moment that would be cause by typhoon gener the next day was generously blowing, the sky dark and threatening to rain cats and dogs gave the whole atmosphere a sort of spellbinding and enthralling feel.
i'm sure the program was planned to perfection, the food selected well,  everyone who attended really made an effort to dress well for the occasion.  but i think it was also the fact that the people were really sharing with the happiness of the couple, thus the celebratory mood; the unmask happiness and joy in the faces of the couple and the satisfaction in the smiles of their parents is very hard to ignore. one cannot help but also smile and celebrate with them. 
you can check out their onsite photo slideshow HERE.

sister and i

ruby ----- earings: F21, bracelets: accesorize, belt: SM accesories, clutch: parfois, shoes: people are people, dress: F21
(ha! now i've done an outfit post *smirk* lol)

ate lani: rocking her F21 shift dress and "lady gaga" shoes!!!

l to r : ruby, ptr. ian, margie, ate eli and i

mcof family in attendance: check!!!

forgiveness everyone for the blurry pictures, forgot to charge the battery of my point and shoot cam and therefore has to use my obsolete phone's camere again :(

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Anonymous said...

nice ....i wish my wedding is also beautiful and bonggacious.