Sunday, July 1, 2012

latest discovery

I have discovered lately that love is a very powerful force that can and is able to change one's outlook and the way we perceive things. that when we love truly and deeply, we not only change ourselves but we also affect and change the object of our affection. "our lives are shaped and fashioned by the people who loves us and those who refuses to love us" - this adage is true in many sense.

i am so blessed to be allowed and given the opportunity to love someone. it is an overwhelming emotion and a big responsibility. everyday i wake up and think, "how can i treat this person with more respect and gratitude; how can i show him that i care and that all i could think of is his well-being and how can i make him happy?"

but despite the seemingly awesome and generous display of emotion and actions when your in love, there is also this fear that creeps up slowly... fear of losing yourself so thoroughly that you lose you own identity, fear of not being able to give enough - of your time, effort, resources, affections. and ultimately fear that despite that maybe person you showered all your passion too will not love you back the way you expected to be love.

for there is no crushing disappointment, no wound so deep, no hurt so depressing than if your love isn't reciprocated.

but then again, the word of God, the Bible, teaches us that true love does not expect nothing in return. it isn't conditional and is very sacrificial. so when we love, we are much neared to the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ, for his very nature is love.

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Mikwen said...

well said nat.