Tuesday, July 7, 2015

it's all about you

it's all about you, Jesus
and all this is for you
for your glory and your fame
it's not about me
as if you should do things my way
you alone are God and i surrender,
to your ways

Jesus, lover of my soul
all consuming fire is in your gaze
Jesus, i want you to know
i will follow you all my days
no one else in history is like you

history itself belongs to you
Alpha & Omega you have loved me
i will spend eternity with you

i did not mean to write all the lyrics of this song in this entry. i came in to work today and one of my co-worker was singing this and it stuck to me the whole day. yes, i think it must be what they call as the last song syndrome but i'd like to think that God is speaking to my heart through this song too.

God speaks to us in many different ways. and lately he has been tugging into my heart - reminding me through his words that though i may not truly understand everything that is going on, his hands is still leading me towards him if i choose to honor him.

choosing God everyday is a challenge because there are situations that are not in favor to my comfort.  i keep reminding myself that the steps that i take must lead to character and faith growth.

every single step i choose to follow now will show who or what will i become - a person so in love with my Savior that it shows in every thing that i say & do.

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