Thursday, January 12, 2017

family trip to hinigaran

i brought husband to hinigaran, my home town, for the very first time. he was game to all of the food and i was thankful that his stomach stayed strong despite the amount of oyster he had consumed. he thinks that fetching water from a well was cool. he also thought that most of my neighbors and family are shorter than lesli (my sister). we find this really hilarious because my sister barely reach 5 feet.

this trip was a relief and did so much to bring back the light atmosphere we had the first days we arrived for my brother's wedding. what happened in between the wedding and our trip to hinigaran was, an accident. our rental car was hit by a passenger jeepney and the headlight on the right side got smashed. i was so scared of what will happen that i almost cried. thankfully it was all sorted out. we paid an amount much lesser than what i originally thought, which was huge (this was the reason why husband scolded me for almost crying because of the amount i thought we would have paid).
so like i said, coming home to hinigaran was really great. yummy oysters, tasty coconut pie, family bonding and being home made up for all the scary moments the day before.

i know i have downplayed the accident a bit and my extreme reaction to it but in that case i was truly grateful because ranley remained calm and encouraging and keeps the focus on the important things like the fact that there was nothing else amiss with the rental car other than the headlights (which can easily be replaced), that all of us inside the car was safe - no scratches, or dent, that we have not bump into any other living things like humans or animals perhaps. so i admire hi for his fortitude and stillness. 

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