Thursday, January 12, 2017

scape skydeck

one of our major struggle (i think) is how to capture moments when husband and i are together. he is one of those who believes that each moment just needs to be savored and felt with all senses instead of being hampered/ hindered by posing for a photo op. i on the other hand believes that "the palest ink is more powerful that the most retentive memory" that no matter how blurry the photo is, it is still better than just memory. which reminded me of the movie, the notebook. where when the wife becomes old and senile the husband gets to remind the wife of how much they have been through and how much they love each other.
so i capture photos as much as i can whenever we are together and also when we are apart. although not all get posted on social media. i am hoping that when we get to the point where our memories cannot be trusted, we have these to help us remember the life we have built together and hopefully see how good God has been.


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