Friday, November 19, 2010

Am I Stinking?

God is never late. He is never in a hurry. We are the one who is always in hurry because we do not know the ending of each of our story. Remember the story of Lazarus in John 11? Jesus already knew that his friend Lazarus was sick and was dying but he told his disciple that he will come to his friend in two days. He could have come earlier, he love Lazarus like a brother so why did he have to wait TWO PRECIOUS DAYS?  Lazarus was dead already when He came, he was embalmed and was covered in mummy clothes and most of all he was STINKING already! why did he have to wait? So that He could have the most glory, ofcourse!

If Lazarus was just sick - okay, thanks Jesus
If he was dying - Praise Jesus you came to heal him
But he was dead two stinking days - Jesus reap all the glory and all who saw what he did had faith in Him

God's timing is always perfect! His time is not like ours. Our 2 years of asking from Him must feel like its never going to happen anymore but GOD has never been late in meeting our needs.

Most of the time when we want something from God we start out in our prayers in a very passionate way.We claim all of his promises and our hearts are bursting with trust and faith. After a while, our prayers goes seemingly unanswered and we are starting to lose the intensity of our prayers.... then suddenly things seem to lighten up and it looks like our plea is being answered... everything is going our way and its almost there - then, BLAM! then something happened and it is exactly the opposite of what we've been praying for! and we think LIFE STINKS!

If that's the case, well, remember that Lazarus STUNK just before the miracle! If we think we are stinking now... we are ready for a miracle :D
There's nothing we can do to make the miracle come faster- nothing. We must pray, we must believe - but we don't push down the door if it's still lock.
Vision and purpose will fuel us to go on - if God gives us the miracle, he gives us the strength to contain it.

I don't know about you but i think at the moment Im really stinking :D

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