Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dressed chicken

I remember one time i was walking downtown with my 8 year old cousin and he saw this sign that says "Dressed Chicken for Sale".
He then asked me, "Ate Nat, what kind of dresses do the chicken wears?" and i really laugh out loud with that one. So i had to explain that dressed chickens are really chickens that are already cleaned and ready to cook; that their feathers and stuff were already taken out to make them ready for whatever people wants to do with them in the kitchen. And he was like, "really? why is it called dressed chicken then?"
 and I was like, Yeah, why? i mean if we follow the meaning of the word "dressed" it really means that somebody has put on the kind of clothes that is required for a certain occasion.... why not say "Undressed Chicken for Sale" or say "Un-plucked Chickens for Sale"... now that is more practical and understandable.  

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