Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~ A Foggy Blog ~

To write
to ponder
to wonder where I’ll be
when opportunities arise
to set my spirit free

Will you be there
to touch me
and share the emotions of my soul
will you be there
to kiss me
and be the man i adore?
will you be there
in the morning
when sunlight kisses flowers
will you be there
to embrace our love
and give meaning to our hours

My love is bubbling over
it’s more than I can bear
restraining it inside of me
is causing me despair
I want to share it freely
I want to give it all away
all the themes
in all my dreams
are focused on that day

This is what I’m thinking
as I sit here at my blog
letting thoughts escape me
like a ghostly misty fog
writing down whatever
letting feelings have their way
blogging in my cyberspace
on a cool rainy day

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