Tuesday, November 8, 2011

amlan trip

... from amlan trip :D ... 
traveling has always been interesting and sort of a mystery to me. i've read of great and amazing places, fearsome and heart wrenching stories from those who have been everywhere and anywhere. regrettably i haven't had the opportunity to do so until five years ago and also i just cannot go every time i have the desire to sail or fly or drive to somewhere.                    
the reason for that is not that i lack the drive but the resources and the also the time to follow my heart and longings. a person grows in knowledge and experience when he gets out of his known world and explore the unknown. the fear of it, the intolerance of other culture, the prejudice of the ways other people conducts and go about their lives slowly dissolves when we are expose to them, when we see how they live and the reason behind them. when we are expose to other's lifestyle we become liberal and broad-minded and this results to mercy and compassion.

2 hours ferry ride 
a kilometer outside the town of oslob

company from the other car

pavement and gravel

that's the island of negros oriental!

unknown plant from my wall - why waiting for my pick-up 

lunch stop - this is dessert!

have had this in our yard when i was young - reminds me of childhood

going down to the beach - this bamboo ladder is slippery when wet.

blue waters - going back to cebu @ 12 noon

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