Monday, November 14, 2011

time well spent

we always - always make time for those who are important to us.

in one respect all people are equal. the day has 24 hours for everyone, that is 1,440 minutes or 86, 400 seconds. whether we are the president of our republic, a royal or a commoner, the CEO of a company or an intern, whether we are influential or not, whether we are pretty or homely - we all have the same amount of time and have to do the best with it.
ian, margie and i
we are quick to say, "i haven't got the time." but this is not always correct. we all have the same amount of time. if we want to be honest, we ought to say, "at the moment i haven't got the time for you or for this specific matter." it is a question of priorities and of the emphasis we put on certain things in our lives. whether we have enough time for things depends on how highly we regard our priorities and organise our lives.
cousins (some of them)
when we talk about a certain day, we call it a "date". each day has each specific "date": a certain year, a certain month and within the month a certain day. we agree upon a specific date when we make an appointment with someone. however, the word "date" actually refers to rather more than only a specification of time. "date" derives from the latin and means "given" (datum). time is given to us; it is a gift; it is something entrusted to us, a certain day, a specific time. God gives it to everybody. so it is up to us to sort our priorities and make the right use of time because the things which are important to  us will be the ones that takes it all up.
ems and i @ boracay
however, it is not necessarily what we declare to be the most important to us, but it is in fact what is most important to us. for when you love someone or something you have got the time to spare. we always make time for what we really love. someone once said: "show me your calendar and your bank account and i'll tell you what matters most to you."
with sis les...
if you love you have time to spare, no matter the schedules, you take the time. we can easily recognize how important relationships are to us by the amount of time we invest in them.
bingot !
it is vitally important to start planning ahead and taking our relationships seriously because there will come a time in all our lives when they will be more important than anything else.
church family
after all, when we are at the end of our lives we do not ask for our land titles, stock certificates, precious jewels, or how much money do we have in our bank accounts but for the people that matters the most to us, for our loved ones - so let us play it safe - let us spend our time and resources and emotions to what really has lasting value - your marriage, my love, your children, her husband, our parents, the best friends that we have and other worthy relationships... i tell you, these people always - and i mean always long for us and our time.

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