Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Appreciate Me Today - Love Me Day after Day

sis. maria and i

We think heroic examples of extraordinary commitment like that of famous missionaries like Mother Theresa, Hudson Taylor or David Livingstone are the only ones that make a difference.  We remember lines from classic movies  about love from Hollywood dream factory, when Julia Roberts is whispering, “I’m just a simple girl,” to Hugh Grant or when Mark stand back and let his best friend marry the love of his life, Juliet or when Anna Valerious risked her life to save Van Helsing from eternal damnation.

When we think of true love, we think of Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy, of Romeo and Juliet or Emma and Mr. Knightley. However, true love has got much more to do with the mundane rather than with the spectacular and exceptional. Daily routine determines our lives. That is where our love and our appreciation of our neighbor are called for.

It need not be an expensive clothes from People are People or Kamiseta; a small gift is more than enough! A good word, an encouraging text or a short message in Facebook, a quick hug gives some color to a dull, ordinary day for a moment. And according to my married friends, a ‘thank you’ after the meal or the question, “what would you like to watch on TV tonight?” instead of channel surfing through the fashion/sports channel can signal loving sentiments.

How about dropping a line to a friend? Imagine how please they would be. Equally, a short call to a neighbor/friend indicates our appreciation of them. Obviously, we do not have the time for all these little gestures every day, but try one a day!
‘For the whole world you are just somebody – but for somebody you are the whole world.” This is certainly a rather idealistic way of putting it, but it reflects the longing that lives in all of us. We all wish to experience what it is like to be important to others, to be appreciated by others. It is exactly at this point where Jesus’ challenge comes in, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”.

I am a bit insensitive about a lot of things and people. I’ve an excused for that, I am primarily a Phlegmatic! I know it’s not much but…. Anyway, I do hope that from now on I will do better. I’m sorry for my lack of concern and insensitivity. In my heart I do know that you are all beautiful people with big hearts for God and others.

What small token of love can I give to someone today?


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