Friday, June 8, 2012

in house trouble

june marks the 1 year and 8 months stay in our one bedroom apartment. 

we, meaning me and my sister, were close to transferring last april but was disappointed that some other renters beat us by one day with the 2 bedroom - 2bathroom - 2 storey apartment that we have been eyeing and considered ours for a while. 

we've been here for 20 long months but still the following are some things we need to work on: still.

1. peeling paints bathroom/kitchen sink.  i already couldn't count the time i have told my land lady that we need this things repainted. still no actions done. tomorrow i will again. and throw a tantrum if i have too.

2. leaking roof bedroom/living room. Now this is the most pressing problem. as you may have noticed we have already welcomed the rainy season last week. on the other hand this freakin' roofs were already given attention by the land lady's own in-house carpenter/plumber/gardener. again, no visible result. oh wait, there is, the leak transferred to a different part of the living room!

3. living room jalousies are missing. ’nuff said.

4. shower head leaking instead of showering because of calcification. done something about it already. don't ask. it's not lady like ;)

4. no dining table. making mental note to buy the cheapest of the kind. *cringing at the thought*

5. not enough closet. maybe we have become rich and that our clothes have been overflowing or gaining weight that our clothes have become bigger therefore occupying more space. i like the first idea better. although far from the truth.

6. constant traffic noise. i don't think this can be remedied. transfer can cure this one.

these are our "pressing needs". we have not done anything about some of these problems because we are broke. for now.  

and to redeem our home (yes, home now for 1 year and 8 months) from my own criticisms, let me just say that i love this place because of the back, which is actually our land lady's front yard. the garden's landscape is not that nice but the abundance of plants and trees and a big fish pond compensated for everything. and i can jog the probably 40 meters space end to end about 100 times and call it exercise. and besides i have very nice memories in the house :))))) *grins widely*

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