Wednesday, June 27, 2012

worldless/wordful wednesday

felt like running away from work and every body. so i packed my bag and head for panglao, bohol.

agenda 1: relax

agenda 2: rest


Ms POSH said...

That drink looks inviting.

Have a great WW!

Cris-Mary said...

very nice ! relaxation time! Enjoy it!

Liviu Bimbea said...

După un drum lung a fost bun un pahar cu suc. Mulţumesc.
Să ai o noapte liniştită.

ngpaloma said...

Wow. Eu trebuie să utilizeze ajutorul de Google traduce atât de ID-ul ştie ce ai spus .... :)
Aveţi o zi prea frumos multumesc :) pentru vizita.

ngpaloma said...

ill try my best. haha. you too :)

ngpaloma said...

it was thirst quenching!

Brenda Cortes said...

Excellent shot...Happy WW!!!


Bouncing on Words
Life Less Ordinary
From my Points of View

ngpaloma said...

hi thanks brenda.... visited your blogs... you're good :)))

Mikwen said...

wow! 'wish i can do that too. just go wherever my feet lead me. without cares and thinking of nothing. i never had that moment since i entered the world of medicine and since i got... married. haha.. enjoy the privilege of single blessedness natty. one day u'l get tired of it, that's when u realize u'r ready to.. tie the knot.. haha..:D

ngpaloma said...

haha. gani man kwen. pero ang ending kay 1 day and half lang ko to ka stay :) pero i think in your case ang primary reason is medicine. kay i felt nga si maddy kay daw go lang man permi. i think im almost tired na kwen. hahaha.