Tuesday, June 5, 2012

summer lovin' 2

taken at silangang balay, bohol.


Eds said...

Lovely photos! Looks like you love photography ..

Happy WW! :)

ABC ( w/ Linky) said...

Looks like your having fun with summer..

Hope to see you in my little guessing game entry.. :)

Marko @ Travel Photo Blogging said...

This looks great! I hope I will make it to visit Philippines one day. Until then I can at least enjoy your photos.

You are very welcome to visit my blog and check out the places I visit.
Happy WW!

ngpaloma said...

Eds, honestly this is my first taste of somewhat modern photography. am always a fan and i love lovely pictures but this is the first few times i've taken "cute" photos. lol

thanks for dropping by :)

ngpaloma said...

i had a hot-lovely-sweaty-fun like summer. lol but it is already over. rainy season has began here in the Philippines!

Thank you for dropping by :)

ngpaloma said...

Wow! your blog is great! you've been everywhere. *feeling envious* haha. and travel and food really is a good combo!

thanks and God bless You!

Marko @ Travel Photo Blogging said...

If you ever need an advice on the places I visited, you know who to ask. ;)

ngpaloma said...

i know right?!!