Friday, October 12, 2012

random awesome

loving this song recently. only one of the four that i keep on replay on my pocket tunes.

It all began
At the show  island one weekend
I was a friend of your cousin uncle said
"hey how you've been"
And with your checkered yellow-ed shirt on
And my Reebok converse shoes on
Let's watch something random (walked the debris filled beach)
Turned into something awesome 

And I smile I love no, 
I laugh happier somehow
No I don't know what is up with me
I laugh too much recently
No, They don't know much about us
When we're exchanging glances
We'll figure out one day, 
What happened on your 24th 34th birthday
[ Lyrics from: ]
It all began with a simple
You I had an urge to kiss me you and
I was on the verge to miss you (i did miss you, i do..)

okay fine.... i  tried to re-phrase the lyrics... i am NOT a lyricist!  

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