Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I saw this video of what happens during a "Rock climbing Session" and goodness gracious! It looks gut wrenching scary! I mean I hear Ranley talk about it all the time... i mean like ALL the time and I always say trite words like be careful and the likes but I've never really imagine how high the rocks or how tiny the screws are (they have weird names, by the way, Lucky or Bandito) or how thin the rope looks from afar... blah blah blah.. lol i could go on - On the other hand it is BREATHTAKING! The way that gigantic rock stands so tall and proud in the middle of brown sand (or whatever), the openness of the place, the beautiful, fragile looking grasses with their teeny weeny white flowers dancing in time with the breeze, that windmill (i thought windmills like that don't exist anymore), the dumb sheep (lol they have to wait for the truck to pass by before they decide to cross the trail, I mean why not run the other way?!), the way the shadows climb over the canyon (it looks like it), the sunrise (orange and red and yellow in a nice blend) ... it is awesome and for that matter the sunset, where the orange slowly creeping on the blue of the sky... DUSK and DAWN has a real meaning, i think, in this place. 
Maybe it's just a normal day, in a normal place or maybe its the expertise (if he's an expert) of the one who made the video or maybe his patience in capturing what life is in the outskirts of the Reservation but I am so amazed :D. I forgot to mention the smooth blue skies, the star-dotted night with too many falling stars (I've never seen so many falling starts in one night!)

This is where I've seen what I've been gushing about:Rez Land

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