Friday, June 17, 2011

tiny tots

interesting faces of tiny tots, while their mothers were sewing bags and teddys... these mothers does not have anybody else to babysit their little ones for them so they brought them to the center (Compassion Center). a beautiful woman of kind heart and great patience, Linda, taught them to sew, stitch (whatever else it's called and to use the high-speed machine. it is absolutely amazing to see how they are doing now... from being scared of the sound of an electric machine to now expertly using it to do cutie little bags. they have learned a very useful income-generating skill so they will be able to help their husbands and raise money for everything that they would need for their family, food especially though.

presenting their tots:

the tongue-y girl

proof #1

the wide eyed fellow :D (he is amazed all the

the melancholic dude

the messy girl

the snub

proof (for wide eyed fellow)

the neutral (click, click, click - she looks at me and then nothing - no reaction goes back to nibbling her toy, duh?)

the diva (she likes to climb up this mini ladder)

the sleepy head # 1 (no matter how chaotic and noisy - zzzzzzzzzzzz)

the sleepy head # 2

the watchful (look at those eyes!)

the shy (he wouldn't continue his bottle feeding if somebody is watching him)

the sleepy head # 3 (cute isnt he?)

the cry-baby (he knows if his mother is not around)

the "pessimistic" (like somebody is about to take away his toys anytime)

the cutie :D

the funny man! (just a little twist on ur face and his face lits up in a wide smile

the cheeky one (she baby sits the babys)
i wonder whose hands is it touching the cheeky one's shoulder...hmmm.. like... hey, you! that's my camera shot!
the eater (cute he crawls around and picks up anything and puts it in his mouth)

the nerd (don't mess with me i'm reading)

           who do u cast your vote to? part two would be the busy moms
couldn't get enough of the tongue-y girl

see what i mean? lol.

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