Friday, June 3, 2011

Go, live your dream

This is me stretching my limits, testing possibility. This is what is in my heart when I care to dream….

I dream
I will travel the world, by foot, by train, by plane. I  go wherever and whenever I want.
I will live free of distraction, in a romantic and spectacular part of the world—reading, meditating, and exploring myself in quiet repose for months.
I will be an expert. An expert at something. People will come to me for advice.
I will own a house on a lake (similar to the house of Jason Statham in the movie The Mechanic) The breeze on my face will wash away all my worries.  My family will play, be happy and be together.
I will learn to dance. In the early century's all lady's were dancing it's an expressive way to express yourself and celebrate (I'm also thankful that i live in the 20th century where I'm not required to learn ballet or salsa or mambo?)

 I will write. Things and topics with sense and meat. I will be able to express myself thouroughly in words.
I will learn how to drive. I will buy an SUV and drive. Explore the part of the country I'm in and beyond.

I will learn to swim and dive. See the "whole different world down there".

I will  teach.... about theology, homiletics... I will be an expert in this.
I will inspire. I want my words to be beautiful and important to others.
I will find peace with myself, and know, really know deep inside that I am good enough... and at the same time know that this goodness does not well up from "ME" but that it comes from MY super duper good GOD.
I will help others find God... and find contentment and purpose in the process... I have wisdom and experience to offer, and I will find the courage to share it in meaningful ways.
I will let everyone of my loves know that I LOVE THEM. Time is so short to keep people that are important to me guessing how valuable they are in my life.

Most importantly, I dream that I be able to trust God MORE - in every meaning of the word.

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