Tuesday, June 21, 2011

- not like this -

our future is not  bleak like this...
... but brighter than this :D

   when something begins you generally have no idea how it will end. the 2 years stay on a work place becomes 5 years... the status you thought you would change in 3 years remains the same :D; the people you thought will just be passing becomes the friends you lean on... the relationships you thought would last a lifetime has ended way shorter than you could ever imagine leaving you weary and guarded and the person you have never ever thought to love becomes soo central in your life that it scares the sugar out of you.
   planning for the future.. trying to predict the future...as if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow... but the future is always changing; the future is the whole of our deepest fears... and our wildest hopes
but one thing is certain when it finally reveals itself.. the future is never the way we imagine it (sometimes)

   there are some of us that spends lot of time focus on the future..planning it working toward it. but at some point you realize that your life is happening now! not after school, after work or after your wedding day but right now .......... this is it, its here.. and often times, if you're not careful, you miss it.

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