Friday, June 24, 2011

today i am changing the name of my blog from Experience Life! Love Life.... into Life as I Know It.

the reason : it the new name sounds closer to what i mean when i first decided to blog the things that i  want to... so...

.... for no special reason i am changing its name and now it is officially "Life as I Know It"

it means exactly that - writing about things in MY life as I KNOW it - in my perspective, in my looking glass, through my experiences, and my biases (unless i otherwise indicate it).

a recent picture of me taken from Imperial Palace in Lapu-Lapu City, Phil. this was a fun night with our friends from Australia, linda and khardene. we were able to sneaked into the resort using the white faces of our friends - sorry ladies :D. but i am sure they had a good time fooling the guard too.

this is life as i know it (one minute part of it) not the "fooling security guards" part but the having-fun-whenever-you-can part :D

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