Sunday, January 29, 2012

boring excitement

spent my whole 5 days in the confines of a conference hall listening to trainers from Compassion Manila office. learned a lot and it was not as boring as i thought it should be. when i asked margie to let me go i thought i was entering martyrdom... ask her and everyone else at work i'm not very good in blending in with the older crowds that composed the project directors of 20 or so local projects in the visayas region.

towards the end though i have had a change of heart, i felt excited of going back to the center and tell my team all the encouraging stuff the group did and learned. i was especially touched by this video of a korean pastor who did not think it beneath him to shine shoes in order to support the 7 children he was sponsoring. i cried buckets over that and i tell you im not a cry baby.

i work firsthand with the kids... doing field and hands on work and most of the time it feels kind of monotonous doing the everyday stuff we're doing at the office.... the letters, the case studies, the home and school visitations and usual weekly classes.... then with this training/conference i was reminded of the end purpose why i do what i do. the children have all big dreams... to be an engineer, to be a general in the army, to be a president like obama, to be miss Philippines, etc.... the poor children that are our beneficiaries have little or no opportunity at all to reach their dreams unless someone reach out and help them. thank God for kind-hearted, amazingly generous sponsors who never tire of giving what they can out of the abundance of their hearts. what we do on our end, as field people, are just a small portion of the whole thing that is :

... bragging would be a good thing if i say that we already have children who once were wide-eyes, runny-nose beneficiaries and are now co-laborer in the Lord... that's our proudest moments... if all the sponsor can only see the impact of what they have done and are still doing, the kind words in their letters, the small stickers they send, the small gift every christmas, the musical card they send for birthdays, the pictures - the offering of prayers for the family. its not just for their sponsored kids - i've seen mothers and fathers cried because the sponsor of their children told them, "you are my family" or you are my daughter or my son".

one sponsor sent a hundred bucks and was confused when she recieved a letter from her child that they are thankful that she sent them the gift because they were able to buy a house. a house!? she wrote back, "how come? it was only a hundred bucks!" Yes! they bought a small house... with leaking roof and holes on the bamboo floor... but it was finally theirs! they have been praying for it ever since they could remember and the the sponsor made the little boys and his whole family's dream come true.

"there is no thing as a small gift" --- in my personal opinion, appreciated or not every gift that is given makes a huge difference in the lives of every child - the child's family and ultimately the community.

like i said i change my mind about the conference. boring and monotonous? a tinies bit (lol). exciting and challenging? yes, check! check!
I am helping change the lives of the little ones and if that does not excite me i better find a thoroughly boring job like banking? (no offense meant, i hate numbers :-D)


Mikwen said...

what a fulfilling job u have natty.. :)

ngpaloma said...

thanks kwen... damo plataeu moments gani... tempting na gid kis-a mangita lain na job... pero nag promise ko b na ill stay gid as long as it takes... nami ang feeling na God allows me to see some of the fruit of my labors :-D